UK Parcel Delivery

UK Parcel Delivery is available from:


• Berkshire

• Birmingham

• Buckinghamshire

• Cambridgeshire

• Cheshire

• Cumbria

• Derbyshire

• Devon & Cornwall

• Essex

• Gloucestershire

• Greater London

• Hampshire

• Hertfordshire

• Hereford & Worcester

• Humberside

• Kent

• Lancashire

• Leicestershire

• Lincolnshire

• London

• Manchester

• Merseyside

• Middlesex

• Norfolk/Suffolk

• Northamptonshire

• North East

• North Wales

• Nottinghamshire

• Oxfordshire

• Scotland

• Shropshire

• Somerset

• South Wales

• Staffordshire

• Sussex

• Warwickshire

• Wiltshire

• Worcestershire

• Yorkshire

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12 Dispatch Mission: To Provide a level of safe, quality service that exceeds the needs and expectations of all our customers. This will be achieved by Constant communications with our customers together with a professional representation in all aspects of business and maintaining a competitive pricing structure.

12 Dispatch is an express delivery service that provides prompt, courteous and professional service. Delivering 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

This site is continually being developed and updated in line with customer requirements, with more and more features becoming available, particularly new on-line services for Online account holders.

How does it work?

You make just one call, and we do the rest. We will immediately arrange for the appropriate vehicle and driver to be at your chosen collection point, to commence the journey to your chosen delivery location:
- a personal service to your door. Or just log on: Log on to one of the worlds premier web booking and tracking systems, enter your request and we will do the rest with email confirmation.



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12dispatch courier and freight exchange for offloading excess delivery work to be completed as a backload or returnload.


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